In the competitive world of retail, making sure your staff are trained to meet the needs of a company's brand is imperative for success. Motiva Consulting helps retail companies do just that, by developing bespoke training programs tailored to the needs of a company. Motiva were looking to develop a brand identity that would reflect the positive influence and direction they offered to clients.

Motiva buisiness cards
Motiva buisiness cards


Motiva helps its clients by improving internal training and procedures. They accomplish this by bringing together a range of methods and practices to create tailored solutions. With their target client being mostly fashion retail, we wanted to establish a brand that was vibrant and playful, whilst capturing their sense of progression and motivation.

We used circles merging to form the shape of an M to symbolizes all the different components coming together to form a final solution. The placement of circles demonstrate movement to reference the progressive influence Motiva has with its clients. The colour palette has tones that generally tie in well to a corporate brand identity, but mixed together the colours reflect the more playful direction of the brand. Red was chosen as the core brand colour for its bold presence and ability to promote excitement and passion, with the addition of blue and orange to compliment.

Motiva logo design


When it came to developing the brand across stationary and business cards, we made strong use of the brands red to promote a bold sense of confidence. The addition of the white circles tie back into the core brand elements, reflecting movement and the playful aspects of the brand.

The end result has given Motiva an identity that not only promotes and reflects the core values of the company, but is agile and flexible to work across different mediums and uses.

Motiva typeface


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